Recru is a team of seasoned industry leaders of various domains who follow industry-leading HR practices to strengthen organizational management, labour laws, compliance, talent management, and more to attract and retain the best of talents to your organizations.

Formulate strategies and devise plans to execute all functions of a corporate organization. From realising Human capital to workforce planning and efficiency, empowers businesses by catalyzing growth and productivity, to become future-ready through a better employee experience.

CONCEPT assists its clients in developing, revising, and implementing HR policies & procedures. By leading audits of HR activities and existing company framework, we help clients realise the new-age dynamics of an ever-innovative corporate world. By instilling leadership and an agile skillset into the company's workforce, Recru ensures that the organization becomes a future-forward company.

Brand Identity is rooted in human capital. The fact that the founders are entrepreneurs and have over 25+ years of collective experience in various industries, helps them spearhead the HR functions and organizational design with maximum efficiency. Recru believes in positioning HR as a source of innovation through the development of competency models and motivating your team to take the lead.