TradeDog is a team of analysts, traders and data-driven professionals who compose market research reports after funnelling the most accurate data from crypto markets, Exchanges, dapps, protocols and many others.

TradeDog intends to empower the retail and beginner investors to leverage absolute market intelligence through an analysis of the top crypto projects that bring value to the ecosystem.

Crypto markets currently lack plausible market information and knowledge, traders and investors have a hard time calculating risks and rewards. TradeDog thus is a bridge between these oblivious investors and market opportunities in the form of the best performing crypto tokens and projects. With TradeDog, anyone can learn the complex art of crypto trading and investment while significantly reducing their risk exposure to asset volatility, shady investments, HYIPs, Poni schemes and more.

Brand Identity

With many leading partnerships and media coverage, TradeDog is a research-oriented platform that generates informative content on the basis of trading advice, strategies, best yields on high-performance assets, leading crypto projects and blockchains and more. TradeDog's belief lies in equipping the entrants of the crypto industry to fend for themselves in this nascent and highly volatile space.