ONDM is an existential, experiential mystery school under the guidance of Sadguru. The school helps individuals understand and experience meditation to lead a blissful life.

The goal of ONDM is to empower seekers by helping them embrace the power of meditation through spiritual practices under the guidance of Sadguru Osho Siddharth Aulia, a world-renonwned spiritual master.

ONDM is based on 4 pillars namely Meditation, Sakshi, Samadhi and Sumiran. Using treasured knowledge of the Vedas, Ancient Mysticism, Sufism, Nanak, and Osho, ONDM invites everyone in the life-changing journey of self-exploration by singing, dancing, laughing and celebrating in the divine presence of the mystics.

Brand Identity

Since meditation is shrouded in misconception, ONDM emerges as the sole school that implements the right techniques and guidance to spread the accurate meaning of meditation through such scientific, precise and simple meditation practices. The Moto of ONDM is 'Jeewem Shardah Shatam' which essentially means being aware of all your actions and your surroundings. The major concern of the school is to establish a society where all humans explore their inner self and humanity is then resurrected into a self-aware, grateful, enlightened, and soulful race.