Our ICO Launchpad comprises fully functional & ready to launch intuitive dashboards, campaigns & portals to provide end-to-end services from conceptualization to promotion of your crowdsale.

To implement newfound implications of blockchain technology and strategy to deliver effective ICO solutions while uprooting drawbacks and point of failures

ICOTIN is a white-label fundraising solution for token sales that addresses the challenges of fundraising and investment in token sales. As the crowdsale space is prone to hacks, phishing, network clogs, regulations, and money laundering, ICOTIN has devised strategies such as Reverse Dutch Auction, Proportional Token Allocation, Continuous Token Model, Micro-rounded Auction, and DAICO to overcome all such problems and create a simplifies yet empowered ecosystem capable of hosting flourishing ICO's and blockchain ventures.

Brand Identity

ICOTIN aids in creating intuitive interfaces for your ICO and makes your project accessible to potential customers on a global scale. The game theoretic approach helps in increasing the possibilities of capital attraction and dealing with drawbacks that hinder a project to success.