BrainAlive is developing a non-invasive, wearable bio-acquisition system that would acquire physiological responses from the human body, analyze the acquired data, and provide tangible conclusions in the form of easily understandable visuals for helping children and students realize their potential and make better choices in academics and carrier.

To improve the quality of education and skill imparting techniques through the use of real-time monitoring and analysis of the mental states of the students and increase their learning acuity. In search of a better world for augmented humans, BrainAlive is committed to inventing a world without limitations.

Studying brainwaves and the physiological parameters will enable young students to make the right decisions based on their cognitive acuity while significantly increasing their concentration and augmenting them as better individuals.

Brand Identity

BrainAlive aims to help evaluate an individual's personal interests and increase their cognitive abilities by analyzing metrics based on physiological parameters such as EEG, ECG, Pulse, GSR(Galvanic Skin Resistance) and Personalized brainwave feedback.