“Bringing your visualization to reality”

Technology Development & Consulting

Innovation is at the heart of ITH Technologies. We perpetually initiate and supply research-based solutions utilizing advanced technologies to assist our customers in achieving their business goals. We take pride in offering our world-class tech services that improve business agility and lower the total-cost-of-ownership.

Frontend-web Development

We have a dedicated frontend team that ensures the website functionality, responsiveness, and optimization on different browsers (cross-browser), operating systems (cross-platform) and devices (cross-device) always keeping up with design and code trends.

  • Wireframe designing, breaking design into components and building page code
  • Using standard tools for color schemes, headings, typography and page integration
  • Testing the website’s interface and functionality on multiple browsers and platforms
  • Optimizing websites for search engines, usability, and accessibility
  • Researching design and coding trends to keep websites cutting edge
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Technology Development & Consulting
UI And UX Design

We have a well developed in-house UI and UX design team to ensure that our design philosophy follows a systematic approach to understand the purpose of the app and its users. We implement user-centric design to create a cohesive, predictable, and fascinating impact on the target audience.

  • Hand sketching & Wire-framing
  • UX research to provide the best look and feel for your website
  • Designing User Interface to create the best liaisons between user and application
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“Telling the world about your existence”

PR and Marketing

We devise marketing strategies to engage your target audience and ensure the integrity of your brand. Our team plans and creates original content to effectively promote your project and ensure that your brand is growing tremendously across social media channels. We foster community engagement inside the blockchain universe so your voice reaches to those who matter the most.

Full-suite Marketing

With experience in growing startups using our advanced SEO, digital marketing strategies and development skills, we have navigated towards Blockchain projects & ICOs to support their launch and growth. Developing growth in competitive startup markets, within a limited budget and ever decreasing lead time, makes us the perfect companion for any Crypto startup looking for a successful ICO launch.

  • Data Analytics
  • SEO
  • Branding
  • Crowdfunding Campaigns
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PR and Marketing
Global PR services

We work with successful entrepreneurs and innovators across industries that help us in providing strong outreach, attention, and recognition to our clients, hence, driving growth and business. We enforce cutting-edge tools to strategize and innovate many industries irrespective of their technical expertise.

  • Content planning and distribution strategy on social media channels
  • Blog, press release, and social copy preparation and publishing
  • Creative content for websites, Sponsored content and Traditional press pitching
  • Management of social media handles, Market research, and Brand strategy
  • Event planning & conference lists
  • ICO calendar submissions
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“Shifting power from center to the edge of the networks”

Blockchain Implementation & Consulting

ITH Technologies has earned a reputation for developing state-of-the-art mobile and web solutions and this expertise has nurtured us to present ourselves as a leading Decentralized Application Development (dApp Development) Company on a global level.
Our talented team of blockchain developers is thoroughly acquainted with the full-stack software engineering, ensuring your Private Blockchain right from node deployment and Smart Contract development to complete front-end mobile applications and graphic design

POC & MVP Build

We help in identifying the technical feasibility of your project by certifying the practical applications for your concept. We have a huge amount of the previous project builds that can be re-built to solve for another use case or white labeled for your team to package and run with.

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Smart Contracts Development (ICO)

We offer fully scalable Smart Contract Development Services (ICO) with a focus on Ethereum and Solidity. We have experienced Ethereum app developers to create custom smart contracts to secure your transactions in the blockchain.

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Blockchain Implementation & Consulting
Decentralized Application Development

We offer secure DApps for users with high-end security and infrastructure management. Moreover, we build hybrid Ethereum DApps by wrapping it within third-party API for full practicality management.

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Wallet Development

Our talented and experienced team of Ethereum developers provides online Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services. Our wallets are highly secure and allow users to seamlessly send, store, and receive cryptocurrency.

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“Delivering you the best by the Art of Fusion”

Embedded systems and robotics

We aim to create AI and robots as living, conscious machines to improve living standards of human beings.

As a pioneer in the robot industry, our goal is to drive innovation, serve as an industry catalyst and change the world by building an era of robots. To support and encourage robotics technology, we provide comprehensive resources for third-party developers, giving information and products that facilitate the creation and simple integration of recent payloads, behaviors, and capabilities on our platforms.

Our R&D department performs cutting-edge research to meet the advanced needs of sponsors with integrated robotic solutions. We pursue research and development opportunities with leading institutions, businesses, and other technology innovators, leveraging experience as a systems integrator and putting together best-in-class teams of partners from a wide range of technology areas.

Currently, we are developing a solution by utilizing an indigenously designed and wearable Electro-Encephalography (EEG) device that not only monitors the brain activity of the students but also provides an end to end solution for improvising the process of learning through an integrated set of immense machine-learning algorithms.

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“Building connections via powerful network”

Investor relations and private sales

We have built a strong global network of HNI clients through careful and collaborative relationship management. We help you navigate the entire fundraising process. Our blockchain investor relations and private placement service help you structure roadshows and to build relationships with VCs, institutional funds, family offices, and accredited investors.

We organize one-on-one meetings with investors on your behalf as well as investor events and dinners that bring together a substantial amount of capital from groups who are looking to deploy.

  • On-boarding with the broker-dealer
  • Building relations with new investors, VCs, and Institutional Funds
  • Organizing one-on-one meetings
  • Reaching out to high-income, accredited investor network
  • Listing investor events
  • Cross-pollination of Partner Projects to produce value and visibility
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“Overdriving Innovation”

Startup Accelerations

ITH Technologies is developing breakthrough ideas and rapidly recasting them as meaningful products.

Endurance and determination are the key factors in turning a small startup to a full-fledged sustainable business. ITH Technologies gives you a connected environment conducive to creativity and collaboration, combining mentoring and coaching sessions from industry experts. We provide working space, initial growth funds, business network, mentoring, and utilize the best resources and manpower to let them discover ideas to disrupt markets and create new opportunities and bring forth a new source of competitive advantage.

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“Telling the world about your existence”

Strategic Partnerships

Our technical experts help you uncover the opportunities for your business to strategically embrace this emerging technology to ensure long-term adoption and success. We find the right use cases and applications to smartly invest your resources in blockchain technology. With a deep understanding of the blockchain landscape, we facilitate enterprises to stay competitive for their stakeholders.

  • Deep dive on the outlined industry-specific subjects and use cases
  • Review of Current State IT systems and Data Management process
  • Branding
  • Documenting Findings and Reviewing Potential use case upgrades with Client
  • Brainstorming with process stakeholders to strategize roadmap as part of a Review Session
  • In-house development, technical training or strategic partnership with ITH Technologies Global Partners
  • Final Report Creation and Transfer to Client
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