Quant Programmer/ Analyst

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TradeDog is a research and investment advisory firm that serves users across the globe on mobile and web platforms. TradeDog provides regular trade signals and advice for making risk-hedged investments, and research reports on various crypto and blockchain projects, and market segments for retail ( mostly ) and institutional investors.

We offer...
  • Competitive salary.
  • A diverse environment to learn, grow and realize new opportunities.
  • The ability to work in flexible shifts and hours.
  • An office where you and your new friends will create marvellous products and solutions.
  • A positive environment where you can work with like-minded individuals.
  • A Thriving environment irrespective of your academic scores as long as you have great skills.
  • Coding of strategies to be implemented in a live trading environment, automated tools using Excel and trading-based software.
  • Design, development, and testing of high-performance algorithmic trading software using mathematical and Computer Science.
  • Real-time trade management and risk analysis platforms & Low-level systems optimizations for data processing.
  • Collaborate with experienced teammates to learn and implement bespoke solutions that balance speed, features, and cost to improve our technology stack.
  • A strong understanding of object-oriented design, data structures, and algorithms.
  • Management and modification of existing software for optimal results and working with large data sets.
  • Data-mining and analysis of time-series (OHLC) data.
  • Data Cleaning.
  • Back-testing, simulation, optimization, and statistical techniques (auto-regression, auto-correlation, and Principal Component Analysis).
  • A degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Physics or, a related discipline.
  • A rich professional work experience (2-4 years) using C/C++ and Python in a UNIX / LINUX environment.
  • Knowledge of network, parallel/distributed, multithreaded programming would be very helpful, as would knowledge of Linux kernel programming.
  • Good knowledge of, FIX protocol, network programming (TCP/IP), multi‐threaded applications, computational intelligence, real‐time programming or, GUI programming.
  • Hard-working, Self-Motivated, and willingness to see a task through to the end are some of the attributes that we are looking for.
  • The ability to manage multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment.
  • Familiarity with R, Tableau.
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