Machine Learning Engineer


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About BrainAlive Research

BrainAlive, a technology research and development company parented by ITH technologies, is currently developing a non-invasive, wearable bio-signal acquisition and monitoring system that would empower you to develop a crisp, conscious  understanding of your physiology, especially relating to your cognitive abilities. The system acquires various physiological parameters from your skin, analyzes the acquired data and provides tangible conclusions in the form of easily understandable and interactive visuals. It gives you a clear image of your level of involvement in any activity, and helps you to understand the factors influencing it. BrainAlive has the ultimate goal of helping you understand, and minimise, the elements limiting your potential, thereby enhancing your overall productivity, and the quality of results.

Role : Digital Signal Processing – Machine Learning Engineer ...
  • We are looking for highly talented and motivated Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Engineers, preferably with experience in analyzing biosignals, to join our Embedded & Robotics team.
  • You will be part of a team of researchers & engineers where you will focus on designing and implementing algorithms for advanced brain-computer interface.
  • Your research & development will help power the coming generation of EEG-based human- machine interfaces.
Roles and Responsibilities ...
  • Conducting data processing and analysis, using DSP techniques and methods, to extract information of the EEG signal data for detection of various attributes of the mental state of a subject. Designing Machine Learning algorithms for electro-physiological signals in numerical analysis languages : Matlab, Python, C/C++etc.
  • Demonstrating algorithms meeting accuracy requirements on general user population through statistical analyses and error estimation.
  • Writing technical reports summarizing development, analysis, training and validation of the algorithms.
Basic Qualifications ...
  • B.Tech./M.Tech/Ph.D in Computer Science or Electronics (Machine Learning, AI, Statistics, or equivalent);
  • Strong technical skills, deep understanding, work experience and or exposure to DSP implementations, filtering, transforms, data visualization, machine learning, timing and signal recovery.
  • Willingness to divert from the conventional methods to explore alternative approaches.
  • Knowledge of optimization, multi-threaded development and cross-platform development.
  • Experience in statistical analysis and programming projects on data analysis algorithms / signal processing.
  • Experience using Python , , C++ , R, MATLAB, Java or similar scripting language;
Preferred Qualification ...
  • More than 2 years of industrial/academic experience in building ontology mapping and extraction models
  • Experience with real-time signal processing.
  • Experience in advanced signal analysis of physiologic signals required with specific knowledge in EEG preferred.
  • Extensive practical experience in several of the following areas: ML, Natural Language Processing, Ontology mapping, Clustering techniques, applied ML or AI features/products/systems
  • Ability to handle multiple competing priorities in a fast-paced environment
  • Significant peer reviewed scientific contributions in premier journals and conferences
  • Proven track record of production achievements
  • Strong personal interest in learning, researching, and creating new technologies with high customer impact
  • Experience with defining research and development practices in an applied environment
  • Superior verbal and written communication and presentation skills, ability to convey rigorous mathematical concepts and considerations to non-experts.
  • Strong fundamentals in problem solving, algorithm design and complexity analysis
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