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Telecom Consulting

Because of the ever-changing nature of telecom technology,the requirement for comprehensive communications systems becomes particularly important to people employing the consultants.The consultant must be knowledgeable about advancements in technology and latest equipments and also needs to be able to identify the changing nature of a business and how it relates to the available technology.

ITH driven by network technology trends, adoption of cloud-based services, industry consolidation provides consulting in telecom industry . ITH has worked with one of the most advanced technology from the telecommunications industry. We have consulted some of the Wireless Operators from around the world. Our consultants have in-depth knowledge of latest technology,system and products like wireline and wireless networks; fiber, broadband, satellite and cable operations; .Designing and building superior network to achieve sustainable growth with cost management and ITH provides guidance for better customer relationship and service.

Our experts also provide critical support and expertise to help companies to achieve leadership and better results.We have a thorough understanding of the strategic, technological,operational, financial and customer acquisition in the telecom industry.

Business Technology

We provide customise business model for telecom clients who are facing new business challenges that place high demand on future IT capabilities that deliver real value and impact on their business. Design roadmap for future IT architecture.Apply best practices in demand management, as well as in vendor management.

Due Diligence

We offer due diligence consultancy and support in evaluating opportunities across the risk and return.We help our clients to maximize value and minimize risk.

Telecommunication Equipments

ITH as a consultant can assist their clients in every step in procurement and installation of a new telecommunication system. We guide our clients from blue printing phase to the finished product. We will develop a need assessment, scope of work and project requirement and we can coordinate with many vendors to manage project.We help from contract negotiation to vendor selection.


We assist our clients to determine where to invest in the future technology system, how to benefit from new delivery models and how to increase their revenue pools.


We transform the business by making functional changes in companies strategic, financial, and operational capabilities to produce better results. We lead cross-functional efforts to alter business's requirements to produce game-changing results.


Taking advantage of disruption. We help telecoms use digital and advanced analytics to deliver on core strategy, delight customers and operate smarter and faster.

Organizational Effectiveness

An effective organization can give companies the edge that sets them apart from the competition. We ensure that entire organizations are aligned and set up to deliver on their objectives.Develop comprehensive IT strategies and governance models.

Customer Experience

We help companies develop unparalleled customer strategies.We balance the requirements of operational efficiency and customer experience by bringing consulting service delivery optimization.