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IT Consulting

An IT Consultant helps an organisation or company on how to best use of information technology(IT) to solve a business problem and achieve business objectives or overcome an existing problem.In ITH we work to improve the structure and efficiency of IT systems in an organisation.We provide strategic guidance to our clients with regard to technology. ITH as an IT consultant company provides business and technology consulting services, providing computing and and IT advisory.

ITH not only provide advice but also works on project management, business requirement analysis ,estimation ,architecture design, program design and development ,construction and unit testing, integration with existing program model , deployment and administrative work for the smooth running of business.

ITH as a consultant can provide guidance during selection and procurement of staff as well as providing expert technical assistance, ITH can provide training to employees and feedbacks to the management. ITH consultants may also be involved in sales and business development.

Solution Provider

As an IT consultant we identify the process and organisational issues related to the company framework. Provides collaborative solutions to the client business by innovative ideas that are accepted by our clients. We recognize challenges and control the changes necessary for both long and short term success of the company.

Data Management And Analytics

ITH can provide ways for better Data Management System to make better business decisions and can also provide advanced analytics with Predictive Analytics solutions.

Best Practises

ITH consultants help in developing best practises to the development and deployment of business solution. Improve performance at all levels within the company by identifying bottleneck which hampers the performance of the process, employees and overall business.

IT advisory services

ITH consultants analyse strategic risks and provide business technology advisory services. Improve risk management in making business decisions. ITH consultant address the challenge of managing IT risks with your business strategy. We analyse in depth all technical and IT-related risk management which will help the organization to overcome any snag in the future.

ITH comes with innovative solutions, well-defined strategies and deep domain expertise to provide the best optimum results for our clients. We make road map for the company by technical evaluation at every step from negotiation to purchase and deployment of IT infrastructure .

We constantly improve the quality of service by delivering measurable business results by improving the quality of product, service and process stability. Help in making timely decision making. Optimizing IT maintenance cost.

Technology Strategy & Architecture

Technology Strategy

The main objective of designing the Technology Strategy is to make sure that technology strategy is aligned with business strategy and technology investments are aligned to business.

ITH consultants for Technology Strategy & Architecture can help organization develop strategies and implement systems that help them to build business with performance.Our experts bring deep knowledge to your most complex IT challenges from system replacement to a full IT transformation.We bring different strategies and platforms for implementing , integrating and managing from core to hybrid model to align with your unique business requirements, strategic business goals and existing operations. ITH strategy focus on creating a value, capturing the value and delivering the value.

ITH Service Offerings:

1.-IT strategy:
Our experts develop IT strategy roadmaps to align IT plans with the business strategy and building business cases that enable the measurement and governance of IT value. We provide High level view of logical and physical architecture with technology rationalization plan and organizational benefits.
We provide complete project objective , scope, approach,methodology of engagement , staffing and budgets with internal capabilities of the organization.

2.-Application and infrastructure optimization
ITH design your application strategy and enterprise architecture that provides agility and reliability your business needs by optimization of your core system and transformation of IT.

3.-IT Operations
We design and implement IT operating models that help organizations to manage and govern IT service. We assist in setting state-of-the-art IT service and data center facilities which provides quality of work,minimizing cost and operational speed and vendor management.

4.-Technical Architectures
At ITH we assist our clients to define, plan, measure and manage the technical architecture for the delivery of technology services. ITH designs technical architecture strategy,managing IT security and controls and keeping details of end user computing and infrastructure services and Project portfolio management.

5.-IT business Management
Our experience in technology and business strategy helps our clients to develop specific services to attain performance goals delivering more value to business.Our solutions are based on the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) which is a globally recognized set of best practices and standards that support IT service management (ITSM). ITIL defines functions related to service Strategy, Design,Transition,Operation and Continual service improvement. We also help in IT governance, operating models & delivery models.