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Program Implementation and Funnel Management

Business Analysis is an integral part of marketing i.e. the backbone of finding the target audience and pitching the product successfully. For effective business analysis, research for the target audience and expanding the digital presence on the online channels by identifying the industry trends, demands, consumer behavior and digital exposure is must.

Setting the Target Audience - Addressing the needs of the target audience is the only cornerstone of successful online marketing. For setting the target audience, business needs to go beyond just guessing a target demographic, and instead take the time to analyze who your customers are and what they do online. As of now, when almost every social media has their own analytics tools, life has still not been easier for online marketers around the globe. The primary reason behind this is the unability to improve the conversion rate by using all the advanced tools and technology. Indeed, inventions and innovations is making the life easier, but it still needs an upgrade to an extent to read consumer mentality. At ITH, the entire analysis is done on consumer behavior and preference relating with consumer psychology. An extensive audience analysis requires time, efforts and experience, but once the digital strategy is framed, it becomes a lot easier and profitable.

Identifying the Target Market - Creating an effective digital marketing campaign and ignoring the target market is a total waste of resource. Evaluating current online presence and the digital marketing trends specific to the industry is the first step towards creating a more effective digital marketing campaign. There had been some of the most converting strategies in the past that needs to be picked and arranged in a manner that provide a positive result. A whitepaper that includes an interactive infographic, an email campaign that features an instructional video, or planning and coordinating an event and encouraging attendees to live-tweet with personalized hashtags are some unique ways that can market the audience with measurable ROI.

Tracking Business Growth - Tracking business growth makes a whole lot of sense for an effective digital campaign. Digital Marketing Strategies are daily expanding and changing rapidly to engage more customers. Monitoring analytics and summarising the flow increases effectivity of the product. With ITH, make the best use of the advanced resources to track the business growth.

Tailoring Campaigns - Experimenting is the need of the hour. Already users are occupied with 100’s of email ads, google ads, social media ads are developing a habit of ignorance among the users. Spreading the campaign to the right audience is not an easy task as it require a lot of research on customer taste and preferences. ITH caters a strategy that is not performed by every other digital marketing agency. We tailor a campaign in a manner that hits the bullseye and has the maximum conversion rate. By focusing on your customers’ engagement and meeting their expectations with campaign content, audiences will be more receptive to your business and the products or services you have to offer.

Backup Strategies and Negative Strategy Campaign - This indeed is not a common practice, but it proves handy at times. Users come across common practices of various other campaigns that claim to be the best. But a research have shown that more the user is provided a personal experience, the better are his chances of sticking with the brand and spreading the word. Negative Strategy campaign is the unique campaign where the user can share his views, negative prospects, campaign bugs about the product or brand and get an identity bonus from us.

Covering all Channels - The target audience does not engage with your business solely on any one of the digital marketing channels. Your ideal customers are at all different points of the conversion funnel, and that determines where they are engaging with the business. Relying upon a single platform is not considered a smart move. By having a strong brand footprint in a campaign that spans across all of the online marketing efforts, one can reach more of the target audience at different points of the funnel.