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What is Network Marketing?

Network Marketing originated in the early nineteenth century by a Californian Vitamin company(now Nutrilite) and emerged as one of the most successful yet controversial mode of income and sales generation. This concept had eliminated middlemen, wholesalers, even retailers from the supply chain and gave the direct commissions to the consumers itself!

Indeed, the idea was revolutionary, but there were many who misused it and pulled this to some controversies. Primarily, because the general public is largely uneducated about network marketing, it has often been easy for crooks (Ponzi schemes where no legitimate product or service is offered) to scam unsuspecting customers by pawning themselves off as a network marketing company. But, if we stick to basics, Network marketing is the need of the hour where an individual can act as a Retailer and even wholesaler through his convincing and selling qualities. It's a different ball game these days. If someone has a negative perception, they need to do a little research