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Telecom Network Management

Telecom network management tools allows to design services for network companies to track and control expenses related with telecom network and manage the lifecycle of communication network.ITH provides a framework for network to be more capable and efficient by defining standard ways of doing network management tasks and communicating across networks.

ITH provides support for all Telecommunication Management Network(TMN) activities which is associated with telecommunication network. We provide supports for operation, administration and maintenance of the network being managed. The management functions we provide is configuration management such as provisioning and installing equipments , fault management to handle system alarms, test and correct failing equipments, performance management include all activities for quality of service(Qos) and security management for network data and resources.

Operation System

ITH provides the model for operation (Operation System) to match the organisational requirements of the administration operating the TMN. We provide assistance in the following areas such as customer administration , traffic management of traffic associated with circuit switched networks, for example, Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) and Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), and transmission networks. We provide management to supervise the performance of a network and optimise the utilisation of the network capacity and control the flow of traffic..

Common channel signalling system management

ITH helps in CCSS management which make use of the computer based tools which could contain information such as a map of the network with all signalling points and Signalling Transfer Points (STPs), signalling routes and their capacities, detection of the signalling link sets which requires additional capacity.

ITH sets the standardisation allows continuing automation of these services so as to improve the efficiency of the Management Services tools for human operators.