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Network Infrastructure Management

Network infrastructure is a part of the IT infrastructure. A proper network infrastructure design can bring many benefits like speed, usability, accessibility, security, redundancy and scalability. It refers to the hardware and software resources of the entire network that enables network connectivity ,communication, operations and management of an enterprise network.The entire network infrastructure is interconnected and can be used for internal communication,,external communication or both. It provides the communication path and services between user, process, applications , services and external network.

ITH provides networking solutions to improve network performance while reducing operational costs. ITH uses advanced routing and switching capabilities, along with network optimization tools, to effectively and securely connect networks, while integrating voice, video, and data. We can integrate these solutions on an existing infrastructure to simplify the operation and improve network.We design the network according to company’s business goals.

While working on projects we cover these areas :

1. Physical communication links, such as cable length, grade, and so forth
2. Communication links, such as analog, ISDN, VPN, T3, and so forth, and available bandwidth and latency between sites.
3. Server information, including:
   •  Host names
   •  IP addresses
   •  Domain Name System (DNS) server for domain membership

4. Locations of hardware devices on your network, including:
   •  Hubs
   •  Switches
   •  Modems
   •  Routers and bridges
   •  LAN Cards
   •  Proxy servers

5. Networking Software:
   •  Network operations and management
   • Operating systems
   • Firewall
   • Network security applications

6. Network Services
   •  Lease Line
   •  DSL
   •  Wireless protocols
   •  IP addressing

Our Platform

Radio MAN wireless platform is an advanced point-to-multipoint broadband wireless access solution delivering fibre-optic quality connectivity for high-speed IP data and Internet applications.

The platform’s Carrier Class Services at upstream and downstream rates of up to 300 Mbps per Sector, enables it to address client's’ requirement for high Bandwidth connectivity solutions.

The platform provides last-mile solutions for small, medium and large businesses including multi-dwelling and multi-tenant unit (MDU/MTU) applications and ensures exceptional traffic handling capacity to provide fast, consistent and reliable data, video and voice services to clients. The Radio MAN operates on a dedicated Open Licensed Frequency Band of 5.8 GHz, allotted by TRAI. This High Frequency Band eliminates the chances of interference resulting in severe service disruption that are highly associated with 2.4 GHz Unlicensed radio systems.

The interconnecting backbone between any of our POP (point of Presence) and the main BackHaul node is an Ethernet Platform with multiple redundancies.