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ITH Solution

ITH provides solutions and business model regarding financial infrastructure and service management for businesses like corporates, merchants, service resellers which uses web portals ,e-commerce, business process outsourcing (BPO), B2B services and B2C services to perform various tasks.


ITH provides end to end digital system which will result in cost saving for everybody. Platform automation and service capabilities result in more efficient operation as compared with paper based solution.

Integration with Financial Transactions Networks

We can integrate the system with POS Vendors and other financial platforms for retail transactions.

Back Office Integration

Connectivity to an internal organizational infrastructure like connecting your online e-commerce system with your back-office accounts and database systems. So whenever a customer places an order online, your web store and back office work together.

Advanced Policy Management

We provide solutions and policies to manage complex business rules which benefits corporation maintaining several budgets.


Innovative B2B payments technology, with scalable billing and policy management systems.


We provide rich web portal features for each client with advanced reporting and web business dashboards.