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B2C e-commerce is used to describe the transactions between a business organization and consumer directly over internet of it products or services.In B2C Model, consumer visits the merchant website make order from catalog , business organization after receiving the order, dispatch the goods to the customer. ITH can provide the e-Commerce platform to support both B2B and B2C customers. In B2C marketing we keep customers in mind. B2C marketing campaigns begin with comprehensive market research.We analyse and study what customer wants, their problem with product and marketing and challenges. We provide solutions which is sophisticated ,flexible and supports various B2C business models for different buying behavior and management authorization levels.Support multiple channels, web, mobile, tablet and branches.We create the marketing messages that answers customer’s need.

ITH assist the clients to set up e-commerce portal in B2C model for selling goods, managing database , billing system and dispatching systems.Customer service is core to sales.We also help clients in developing campaigns through internet marketing,advertising and develop campaigns to create emotional response in the consumer.We emphasis on cost and features and look on emotion and brand appeal which builds a strong connection between the business and consumer.

In today’s age of Internet interconnectivity, an audience is likely to spend a significant amount of time online.Social media provides huge opportunities to build customer loyalty creating opportunities for advertising and provide customer service.A winning B2C campaign should take the Internet into account, using tools such as company websites, affiliate programs, quick response (QR) codes, and social media.We assist our clients with tailor made tools for social media.ITH consultants create and develop effective campaigns that connect with the consumer mindset through advertising, direct and internet

marketing.Identify patterns of online consumer traffic, and track trends and changes in online commerce. Promote social media for maximum interaction with the target B2C segment.By our tailor made tools we track how consumers are responding to the company website and internet communication.Keep the company informed about the various consumer segment that make up the business core, new and potential customers.Interact with product -development team over new products that might appeal to one of the more of the identified B2C targets.