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If you are selling products and offering your services online to other companies then your business is called B2B or business-to- business. B2B facilitates the transfer of raw material to finished goods .B2B relies on its sale function and account management team .

B2B e-commerce is electronic exchange of business documents among businesses for purpose of conducting commerce online.Every company whether wholesaler, distributor or manufacturer is trying to increase their market share.For excellent service and quick deliveries and handling orders from multiple channels ,you need a robust B2B eCommerce platform.ITH is leading a digital revolution in the B2B market and our digital solution is completely transforming all paper-based services to an efficient digital process, while eliminating all of the inefficiencies.

ITH provides complete assistance in setting up B2B e-commerce . From building company website for customers to internal use. ITH can set up e-procurement site for their clients where a company agent can make bid for purchases or buy supplies from vendors and make request proposals . We provide value added services to our customers.

ITH helps in setting up specialized or vertical industry portals for a specific industry such as healthcare,education,construction etc. Or any other vertical markets.These sites provide product listings, discussion groups and other features.

Our eCommerce Platform has the ability to run multiple sites from a single infrastructure and team, supports your business globally and allow you to manage site operation. Has the ability to manage orders, pricing, and quotes online.Has strong order management capability to manage selling through to fulfillment between customers, suppliers and partners.Has sophisticated marketing and merchandising tools.ITH offers an all-in-one package comprising Web Content Management (WCM), Product Information Management (PIM),Order Management (OMS), and customer communications.We also provide consultancy for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in setting up financial infrastructure