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Financial Infrastructure

Financial infrastructure is a core part of all financial system, which consist of institutions, information, technologies and rules and standards which enable financial intermediation.

The quality of financial infrastructure determines the efficiency of intermediation.The financial infrastructure consist of systems where payments are made and where transactions with financial institution are handled.The modern business world now demands much higher level of safety and efficiency in the business model.

ITH will assist you in setting up a financial platform for any new business or service. To stay competitive , ITH designs and provides robust financial infrastructure to support sophisticated financial activities. From order routing and settlement system for investment funds, to trade repository for over-the-counter (OTC) financial derivatives and retail payment infrastructure. While developing the financial infrastructure we keep these key elements to facilitate greater access to finance, improve transparency and governance to safeguard financial stability.We build business financial models that focus mainly on the fundamentals of a corporation/business such as revenues, costs, profits, and other financial ratios.

We provide Payment systems for the settlement of interbank payments;system for large value payments and system for retail payments.The retail payment system is the system that handles large volumes of payments with low value.