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Data Warehousing

Data Warehouse is a relational database that is designed for quary and analysis of a large amount of information by a business.Data warehousing emphasizes the capture of data from multiple heterogeneous diverse sources. It is a central repositories of integrated data used for reporting and data analysis, and is considered a core component of business intelligence.The repository may be physical or logical.It contains historical data derived from transaction data. Data warehousing involves data cleaning, data integration, and data consolidations.

In Data Warehouse environment we need tools and applications that manage the process of gathering data and also includes an extraction, transportation, transformation, and loading (ELT) solution, an online analytical processing (OLAP) engine and client analysis tools and delivering it to business users.

Extract, Load, Transform (ELT) is a process where data is extracted for the source, then loaded into a staging table in the database, transforming it where it sits in the database and then loading it into the target database or data warehouse.

OLAP systems based on Star Schema, Snowflake Schema and Fact Constellation Schema are used by executives, managers,DBAs, or database professionals and analysts. Provides detailed and flat relational view of data.

ITH provides Data Mining and Data warehousing. We help organizations to collect data and load it into their data warehouse.We store and manage data either on in-house servers or the cloud.The selection of business intelligence tools are:

•  Database, Hardware
•  ETL (Extraction, Transformation, and Loading)
•  Reporting
•  Metadata


ITH design Conceptual, Logical, and Physical Data Model for the organisation.

Data Integrity
We keep stress on data integrity at all levels ,First at database level,Second at each step of the ETL process, we make sure data integrity checks should be put in place to ensure that source data is the same as the data in the destination.Third at Access level we need to ensure that data is not altered by any unauthorized means either during the ETL process or in the data warehouse.