Blockchain, in the general definition of the technology, is basically a type of database technology (over a computer network) that doesn’t allow re-write / update or deletion of data that has been committed to the series of data / records stored in it (referred to as blocks).

Internet Services

We provide broadband and leased line connections over fibre and wireless networks in Uttar Pradesh, India. In collaboration with TCPL Machineries, we design and fabricate telecom products for fibre-optics and wireless networks.

InfoTech Hub Pvt. Ltd.


Technology Consulting

We understand Client requirements and provide scalable technology solution. We provide a broad range of services including digital marketing, business intelligence, web development, cloud and technology development services.

Some of our projects are ranked among top 10,000 sites in the world by Alexa.

ITH Technologies Pvt. Ltd.



We develop content for film, TV and video game. We provide a full range of visual effects services including editing, composting, 3 D animation/CGI, on-set supervision, matte painting, and finishing.

Digimagine Studioz Pvt.Ltd.



We have developed and deployed enterprise mining pool for Bitcoin and other altcoins in India and USA.

We are in final stages of development for KYC Blockchain and Cryptocurrency marketplace.

BlockGen Corp | | ICOTIN

Blockchain is triggering interest in fintech and even data scientists who want to bring forth a transparent, stable, and secure mode of distinct technologies. It holds the potential to transform money, business, government, and society, From Wall St. to IBM and more, big corporate sectors and other industries are embracing the blockchain technology and volunteering themselves in the research and development of utterly complex technologies.

The Blockchain is an area of vast experimentation and analysts have estimated that the market growth of the Blockchain research would reach USD 2,312.5 Million by 2021, experiencing a growth rate of 61% per year, a research report suggests. The funding in the blockchain keeps increasing significantly every year.


Embedded & Robotics

We are developing multi-purpose robots and wearable devices to enhance children’s education. We have a fully featured robotics laboratory in Kanpur.

BrainAlive Technologies