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Business Management

We at ITH are administrative professionals who seek to offer you administrative support, guidance and insight for running and building your business.ITH provides consultancy in Business Management to clients and organizations comprehensively during the processes of establishment, development, and change, because these often business decisions are frequently closely connected to capital and financing decisions so they can achieve triumph of success in business on both a day-to-day and long term basis. We help companies to develop business managements strategies, plans, procedures and policies that involves human, financial and material resources to achieve organizational objectives.

We assist companies to set and meet goals efficiently and effectively by coordinating and aligning multiple activities in an organization.We help management in planning, organizing, leading and controlling business management functions. ITH provides strategic vision based on research and analysis of internal and external forces that can impact company’s business.To deliver outstanding results we come up with new ideas out of box and find ways to utilize them properly. We bring an understanding of organisational behaviour and structure ,provide analytical and critical thinking with a creative approach to problem solving, helping managers to assess weakness in all departments such as human resources,accounting,marketing and administration, to take better decision with recommending solutions required to improve business. ITH guides managers to perform budget analysis in order to find out ways that the company can cut costs. We provide recommendations and develop new business model to our clients after understanding what is client requirements , reviewing financial statements , evaluating competitors and analyzing business practises.

Functional Principles Of Management

To set up business management ,ITH consultants works on four functional principles of managements to achieve multiple objectives at each different functional levels.

1.- Planning:
Planning involves creating strategies,setting up goals,making long and short term plans to meet standards and objectives of the organization.

Obtaining and coordinating resources in an orderly and functional way to organize people, work process and equipments to accomplish goals and objectives.

Controlling involves setting standards for work, monitoring, evaluating performance solving problems and customer satisfaction keeping the company on track.

Leading is the act of providing direction to employees.Guiding managers with strategies how to lead people, enforcing policies, resolving conflicts and how to delegate work to employees.Using well-established methods used to motivate employees include delegating, mentoring, and coaching.