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Business Intelligence

Wikipedia provides the simplest definition. Apt and straight. It says, “Business intelligence (BI) is the set of techniques and tools for the transformation of raw data into meaningful and useful information for business analysis purposes.”

Today if you google for definition of business intelligence, you will find more than 2,50,00,000 results.

Business Intelligence is a technology driven process that helps business to convert the available data into knowledge that is delivered to the stakeholders to help them analyse and take appropriate decision at the right time.

Business intelligence means using the data assets to make better business decisions. It is about access, analysis, and uncovering new opportunities. Many of the concepts of business intelligence are not new, but have evolved and been refined based on experience gained from early host-based corporate information systems, and more recently, from data warehousing applications.

Business Consulting

Today's business organizations are striving to achieve sustainable growth where market environment is constantly changing. Business organizations require mechanism, processes to remain competitive and respond to opportunities in a efficient and timely fashion for achieving sustainable success. A key component of any successful Business Intelligence implementation is a strong understanding of the end goal. Our unique skill set is the ability to be able to quantify and understand that requirement and deploy a solution that enables your business to achieve.

Our approach to all projects follows a template that we have customized and has proven incredibly successful and takes into account all of components that are necessary to ensure a successful Business Intelligence Implementation.

Throughout the project scoping, planning, development and implementation phases we work with your business people to ensure a strong understanding of your culture and requirements and ensure that the project is implemented in the shortest time frame to ensure that you obtain value and maximum return on investment.

ITH consultancy service delivers business transformational services to improve performance and efficiency. ITH professionals analyse your business to areas of critical performance based on meaningful understanding of the issue. Diagnosis of critical areas such as marketing, strategy,organizational culture, structural and operational strengths and weaknesses of the business organization are fundamental to any successful organizational development.

Our Consultants expertise in their field ,have a passion to drive for excellence keeping eye for organization and detail ,works closely with customers to develop and deliver innovative solutions keeping companies goals and future success by identifying opportunities and challenges within or outside the organization.ITH business consultants provide an analysis of the existing practices of a company and make recommendations for improvements ,bring objectivity and a fresh viewpoint with constructive criticism to act as catalyst for change and transforming organization’s business, processes and operations in order to increase business and boost profit in long run .

Our Methodology

ITH business consultants begin with discovery phase by understanding of client wish to improve or fix and learn client’s business by reviewing financial statements, evaluating competitors and analyzing business practices. In the evaluation phase,the goal is to identify where change is required after identifying company’s strength and weaknesses.Once research is completed, our consultants may develop a new business model ,solutions to problems or prepare recommendations for the current and future business. In the final phase which is the restructuring phase, or the implementation of the plan. In this phase, the consultant is to build on assets and eliminate liabilities, as well as monitoring progress on the plan and adjusting as needed, we implement and practise new.

Our Key Offerings

1.- Business Operations Transformation
2.-Business Analysis
3.-Business Analytics
4.-Business Improvement Diagnostics