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IT Architecture

Information technology architecture is a process of developing consensus decisions on policies and principles, solutions and standards for future technology acquisitions and deploying IT resources.It also have a broad view of company’s high level map or plan of IT infrastructure including physical design, guidelines and specific vendor products used by IT providers. Standard investment decisions and product selection for hardware, software and communication.

IT Architecture Objectives

The following objectives,help in make decisions to establish standards. The IT Architecture is guided by the following objectives, which help make decisions for establishing individual standards:

1.Architectural decisions should serve the company’s mission.
2.The architecture serves heterogeneous environments.
3.The greater the consensus achieved for individual architectural decisions, the greater the benefit.
4.The architecture should identify areas of stability without impeding essential innovation.
5.Architectural decisions should be in documentation to assess the compliance of a specific implementation and for future assessment.

ITH IT architects guide the process of planning, acquiring, building, modifying, interfacing and deploying IT resources throughout the company.They involved in redesigning IT and organizational practises together.Using digital technology to develop the company’s capabilities — the combination of processes, tools, knowledge, skills, and organization — that give it a competitive advantage.


Typically start with the business processes then map them to applications and finally map those to (infrastructure) components. Policies are best implemented if some very basic information technology principles are adhered to strategy.ITH works with high level management to take decisions on which methodology to use, creating internal team, what other support is required from the team, and what computing toolset will be used.


Principles that indicate direction, services and common solutions.Planning that focuses on the development of matrixes for comparing and analyzing data, applications, and technology. A detailed plan of the system at component level to guide its implementation to bring operational efficiency to an organization through information integration and management. The structure of components, their inter-relationships, and the principles and guidelines governing their design and evolution over time.

ITH IT architects tries to achieve sustainability, dependability, scalability and performance. We work on business process modeling, the compilation of a knowledge base about the business functions and current Systems and Technology, the definition of current application systems and supporting technology platforms.


Using standardizing technology, and consolidating and centralizing technology resources.We consider applications to be the digital representation of the business processes. Implementation of automated system maintenance processes to increase saving and cost/benefit analysis, and a clear path for migration.